Does the Tinkerer charge a shield?

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Thu Nov 17, 2016 2:34 pm

  • After reading the info on the Tinkerer I got the impression that he would charge the shield of an outpost. In using him the shield only drains.

    Am I missing something?
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  • Yes, in fact he actually drains the shield, 3 units every hour.
    "Increases your electrical output by 3 times the Tinkerer's outpost's maximum shield charge. Tinkerer's outpost's shield charge is drained at 3 units per hour".

    The first part says that it increases your electrical output by 3 times the maximum shield charge at the outpost, but the second part says that the shield charge is decreased 3 units per hour

    Hope this helped
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  • Just to help you use him efficiently...

    The tinkerer is strongest when placed at outposts with high shield count. Those would be where a queen, king, or security chief is, since they all increase shield capacity at that specific outpost. However, the tinkerer does reduce that shield, SO you'll need to make sure you've got the outpost protected with drillers if it could potentially be attacked.
    Another good use of tinkerers is stacking them. If you have 1 tinkerer at an outpost, after a short period of time the shield will be completely drained. Putting another tinkerer on that same outpost won't harm the shield drain (you can't get any lower than 0, can you? negative numbers don't count) but you'll still get the 3x added onto your driller cap.

    Hope that helped!
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