Why do I gotta pay to give a medal?

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Mon Nov 21, 2016 8:19 am

  • I already paid $9.99 plus tax for the game. Why do I need to pay for a medal?

    Can't y'all allow a person to give a medal to one person for every completed game?
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  • Or at least give one of each medal to those who buy the game?
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  • You have to make money somehow, and that's the devs way of doing it. Buying medals is, at its core, a purely cosmetic and optional part of the game. Paying a dollar for a medal makes them have some, worth. If I had a medal for even half the games I played, I would have more than 60. Then getting one more wouldn't matter that much.
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  • I've played over 220 games. That's a ton of medals.
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  • Paying does a couple things for medals and the game as a whole.
    A. It makes medals worth something. Looking on someones profile and seeing a "You made me Angry" Medal shows that this guy did something brutal or spiteful enough that someone payed a dollar to make sure everybody knows that he's a scumbag. Same goes for other medals- now diplomacy or honorable foe means that much more.

    Because medals are worth something, they help paint a player that has them- giving others a warning or an idea of the players style- Diplomat? Specialist Wizard? Backstabber?

    B. It prevents medals from being spammed- It prevents a player with an aggressive- but not malicious, playstyle from getting racked with angry medals. In the same way it prevents a couple of buddies artificially inflating their medal count like the "like" system on facebook, so they appear benign.

    C. Provides income for the folks that made this game- While unsuccessful in terms of popularity, I think its safe to say that there isn't an app out there like subterfuge in terms of quality and game play- and medals offers a non invasive way of continually supporting the developers. There isn't an add that pops up every time you issue a sub or a video you have to watch to access your account. Payment for an account isn't monthly and there are no pay to win tactics in Subterfuge. So think about that.
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  • Well said, JD.
    Someone show me a mobile strategy game with a better value than Subterfuge.. plz. Cuz there aren't many out there for only 10 bucks. Every time that I have purchased a medal I feel proud. Everybody wins when a medal is purchased (unless it's the "you made me angry medal). Even the one time that I did receive a negative medal, I couldn't be upset. That person cared enough about my actions in our game that he/she decided to support the devs by buying me a medal—no matter how petty their reasoning was.

    I have even (irrationally) gotten to the point where when I see peeps in high rated games with multiple medals and 30+ games played I judge them for not having any patron medals. A patron medal tells me more about a player than any of the other medals do. This person cares about this game. Master Diplomat medals don't tell me shit, neither do Good Natured medals. Trustworthy Ally is nice-ish, though sometimes I view that as tit for tat kinda shit, peeps just helping each other out and being touchy-feely. The You Made Me Angry medals show me ballz, since I don't know the story, and the Master Tactician was invented for Braxo and he is still the only one I feel that is worthy of it. I have seen ayrm do some funky stuff too, so maybe there are two people that are deserving in my eyes. Speaking of ayrm, that guy had nearly 70 patron medals when I saw him last. Bananas.

    My point is that none of the medals really dictate my behavior when meeting new players. The patron medals have more of an effect on me than any of the others, albeit a rather insignificant one. I respect these players and am more inclined to trust someone who cares enough about subterfuge to put their money where their chat screen is.
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  • I what all y'all are saying.

    But, I still think those who purchase the game for $9.99 should at least get a like at least 3 credits to purchase medals.

    Yet, I see that they can mean nothing. A multi-boxer or person with family or friends that play can just buy medals for themselves.

    In the end. I know they gotta make money. This is a great game. That's why I bought it. May way of showing supports. That's all.
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