Order of players in intelligence report?

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  • I can't find this anywhere - how are players ordered in the intelligence report? It seems to be by neptunium or neptunium production, with mines as a tiebreaker, total outposts as another tiebreaker, and then possibly number of drillers?
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  • nailed it/10

    and the people at the top as of game end are the ones with the medals
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  • It basically does it by who is currently "closest" to winning the game. So before there are any mines that'll be the player with the most outposts. Once a few mines go down it'll be the guy with the most neptunium. It's like a snapshot of a results screen, if the game were to end at that moment, the person on top of the list would be the winner.
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  • As for the start of the game... I've found no evidence of any sort of rating. Seriously. When everyone is tied at game start, I haven't seen any reason of why people are ordered like they are
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  • So which is it, total neptunium or production rate? Or both, and if both, which takes priority?
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  • Total neptunium is the deciding factor in placement .
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  • So is rate of neptunium production considered as a tiebreaker?

    Where can I find the list of all the tiebreakers used and what order they are considered in?
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