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    I'm very very very new to this game and...heck, I haven't played a single normal games because I'm too afraid I wouldn't even know whats happening half the time and just pushing subs left and right until I die, on the second day...so I'm not even in the game yet. But this question actually bugs me since I downloaded the game.
    For me the maze starts right with the trailer video on the homepage. You can see they all know eachother someway or another. They discuss things related to the game and to the meta-game. 2 character probably in a relationship. So...how does this whole video stands against "Going into a game with a pre-made alliance, even if it's just an implicit one. This usually occurs when players join a public game with their real life friends."? Yes. I know, I know. I've been to elementary school. This is just an act. This is just a catchy video promoting the game and giving you goosebumps and they are shouldn't be taken seriously regarding rules, how games will go (in my case I'm sure that a pretty girl won't be paying for my beer after a good subterfuge talk...allaroundmearefamiliarfaces) but somewhat it still false-selling...and I don't want to sound rude with this.

    I'm trying to approach this through my personal code and it stand really close to what aclonicy described. In the future If I would be playing this game with my mates or girlfriend, I would try and find a fine line to play some games where we are allied, some where we are not.


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  • Hey dude!

    So, thing is, people really don't like groups going in and ganging up on everyone. But you also want to play with your friends, I get that. It is a fine line to walk, but it can be done. Just recently, I got invited to play a game with a good forum friend (blobbydude) and, even though we know each other pretty well and have played a lot together, we had limited communication. It was just how the game happened to progress, in fact I'm pretty sure he got someone to betray me (is that true blobs?????). Anyway, point is, you can play with your friends, just don't go out of your way to work with them. Make alliances with other people sometimes, backstab them from time to time, but just make sure you don't ruin your real life friendship ;)

    Good luck with your games! If you wanted a softer ease into subterfuge, I'm sure there's a few forum guys who would love to help you through your first game :D
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