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Sun Jul 30, 2017 5:40 am

  • Hey I wanted to ask if a specialist combo is possible I searched it and didn't found at outpost A there is a double agent 2 pirates and a hypno outpost B is sending some x subs u send the double agent and u destroy them... Now enemy mas the agent going to his outpost if u send a pirate there agents ability will trigger again so now u get the agent coming to u and he takes your pirate...Then u send to the enemy pirate your pirate with some subs and then u capture him and using hypno make him yours...If u can answer it please do hypotheticaly it works.
    Thank you.

    Nice work at the game I love it a simulator mode will be usefull and badges are too expensive I know it's to suport the game but u can make some in game currency whenever u win to take some and buy badges I think they can make the game better and more pleasant. :D
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  • Yes it would theoretically work.
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  • I think you could also send a 1 driller sub after the double agent. If you have enough admirals, I'm pretty sure the sub will catch up and give you back your double agent. Never tested it but in my mind, it seems to work
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  • Unfortunately it doesn't come back your way, it continues on its merry way to the enemy's outpost.
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  • I think it is better to use a hypno pirate DA and a reveled elden so you can just send a pirate reveled elden to get your DA back
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