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Tue Aug 01, 2017 10:22 am

  • Hello,

    Today I was talking to players in my allies on the public chat and my account was deleted because we were. "Spamming" the chat.

    What is the use of the public chat is we cannot use it? At no point did we insulted or used any bad language.

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  • Public chat really isn't used very often. Sometimes you can joke around with people on it, but for the most part all conversation should just take place in private chats so other people aren't subject to hearing a ton of random crap
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  • Hmm ... then I think I need to be set straight on this. In the good-old-days "spamming" meant advertising. -- or otherwise I would have thought in this context, "non-game-related" communications.

    But it seems to me that a public forum would have a real game-related function. (In fact, I am not TOO crazy about the idea that it might be a place to go and watch people "joke around.")

    Let me give an example of how I have used it -- which to me feel legit, but which by your definition, it would not be. I had made a very minor stab against another player for which I made amends (or at least thought I had) but then I discovered that he was going around to other players in the game, telling them that I had "broken a treaty" and must be made to pay, blah, blah, blah.

    Since I had no way of knowing how many people he had communicated this inflated version of events to, I decided to use the public chat to declare: "Listen, everyone, I am SORRY I STOLE SHASTA from Pink. That was wrong, but I made amends, and he knows it, and if he tells you I 'broke a treaty,' that is false." (I don't recall my exact choice of words, but it was not profane, and it was direct, but only confrontational in the sense that I intended to deflate the story that was apparently being passed around.)

    This had the (admittedly) desired effect of causing Pink to fly off the handle in a righteous rage and then spend the next several days wasting resources by hurling himself at my prepared positions. I also think that it lost him the allies that he had had. It was a move that really turned the game around for me, and sorry, but it feels like the perfect use of a public forum. (Much better than joking around.) ... kind of like a United Nations ... type ... thing.

    But of course rules are rules. Let me know if I should not be doing that in the future. Or if it should be just stuff like ... "hey" and ... "tsup"
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  • Sounds like you were fine. Doesn't sound like spam to me.
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