How to invite my friends too a game?

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Fri Oct 16, 2015 10:38 am

  • So Im new and I bought L2. When I create a private game, how do I invite my L1 friends to the game? Because I don't see a way to make a friends list, and I dont see a way to access private games of other friends.
    (Btw, Im on Android)
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  • Hi there, thanks for joining and purchasing L2 clearance!

    Like you, I'm playing on Android (but I think the layout should be the same on iOS).

    Here are the steps to create a private game and invite friends:

    * Tap "Online play"
    * Tap "Create Private Game"
    * Enter the game name (required)
    * Set the amount of players (less players mean less medals to be earned)
    * You can set the minimum rating if you want to play a rated game. Free players, without L2 clearance, aren't allowed to play rated games, so if any of your friends are playing for free, be sure to tap "Casual game"
    * Tap "Create"
    * Next up is a screen where you can share your invitation. This will send a link through Email, Twitter, Facebook etc, containing a URL. When a player clicks this link, they can join your game.

    Two notes:
    * It seems you can't invite anyone by entering their username yet. If you've played against someone before, you can enter that game and send them the link through the in-game chat.
    * If the required amount of players doesn't join, you can select "Start now" from the list of signed up players. This will recalculate the map for the current amount of players and give everyone some extra time to rethink strategies, before the game starts.
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  • I created a subterfuge gmail account and gave it away in chat sessions to people I want to play with.
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  • It's worth saying as well that if you're looking to start a game that include you, some friends and some strangers as well, it will have to be set up as a public game (and an unranked one if your friends are only L1). You'll then have to coordinate with them out of game as to when to look and what your game will be called, although you can kick players if too many strangers join in.
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