Players are able to see the planning of a launch?

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  • I just found out that you can see the launch of a sub of another player in the moment he gives the order. I thought you can't see this until the ten minutes are over and the sub actually starts. As it is at the moment my enemies can see me planning my attacks when they are online at the same time. Is this intended? In my opinion this should be changed. Players shouldn't see enemy subs that didn't even start.
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  • Yes. Subs that are inside their 10 minute confirmation window are visible to others.

    I was of the same opinion as you when I first realised. I haven't really changed my view but I haven't really noticed it being a worry either.

    One thing I do recommend is that if you are checking to see if you should attack someone, do it all in the time machine dialled 10-20 minutes ahead. It usually won’t make a difference but it does keep everything a secret until it’s ready to roll. This is especially important if you are planning a backstab.
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  • Good advice. Thanks.

    I still think this should be changed. I see the 10 minutes delay as something like boarding the sub and I just doesn't make sense that other players can see me loading drillers into a sub, let alone know where it will be heading.
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