Scheduled launch and unexpected loss of drillers

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  • Let's say I have a generator with 30 drillers. I schedule a launch of 25 of them in 10 hours, leaving 5 behind. What I didn't see is that another player attacks the generator in 9 hours and kills 10 drillers. What happens an hour later? Will a sub launch with the remaining 20 drillers, will it launch with 15 drillers so that the outpost has 5 left like it would have been without the attack or does the launch get cancelled completely?
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  • I think that your scheduled order gets cancelled if it can't be completed as you set it.

    I haven't had your exact situation happen because this would require you to set the initial command a long way forward in the time machine and not log into the game until it's executed. Once the incoming attack is visible the time machine would have been flashing red at you.
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