If two players hit a 3rd simultaneously, what's the order?

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  • In what order is a simultaneous attack determined? My time machine shows that the 2nd player to launch hits first; is this always the case?
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  • I've always had the impression that even though the game only 'ticks' every 10 minutes that there are more specific arrival times. If you check the distance between 2 outposts it gives you a travel time more specific than a 10 minute window. I would imagine that whoever was technically arriving first would get their attack processed first.
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  • So, if I'm online when I launch my attack, I could, theoretically, ensure my attack hits 2nd?
    I'm not sure how correct that is; I had a similar question earlier, and it was suggested that everything's adjusted to hit in 10 minute intervals.
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  • You can always use the time machine and see the outcome. This way you know which sub hits first.
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  • I'm well aware of the time machine and its use. The question is, is there a rule that determines who hits first, and if so, what is it?
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  • The first person to arrive at an outpost is the first combat that takes place. If you need anything more the time machine accurately shows who will win.
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  • As was mentioned before, the game is accurate enough that simultaneous arrivals probably won't happen. I don't think there's a rule for simultaneous arrivals.
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  • At the end of the day, the server probably marks the time that each attack is planned to the nearest millisecond or so. Even if you plan attacks for 30 minutes in the future, it will be marked at 30 minutes from the millisecond the signal is received at the server - which is unlikely to be the exact same millisecond another players attack instruction arrives.
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  • Subs that have exact same arrival times will proceed with combat as if the first person to launch attacks first. From what I have seen and tested.
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  • ok, we have further clarification from Ron.

    Graphically, the game only updates every 10 minutes. If a sub arrives during that 10 minute window you will see 'unloading' appear on the sub and you wont see the result of the combat until the next 'tick'. However, the order that the subs arrived at the outpost is the order they are resolved.

    The order in which they are launched does not play a role in this.
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