Advanced 2 - The Fastest Way From A to B

Any questions, tips, or cool solutions to the tactical puzzels

  • I realize that, and thank you for trying to help, but I don't know who to hire.
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  • I gave you a lot of advice about how a smuggler works ;)
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  • Got it! 23.7 ;)
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  • this took some time, but was achieved with the advice from this forum. thx all :D
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  • Still not figuring this out tried every possible way someone pm solution plz!!!
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  • Im not sure if i should use the smuggler or the helmsman. Anybody willing to help?
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  • Smuggler or helmsman?
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  • If I may, I found really useful this advice:

    champinoman wrote: if you capture an outpost that you are sending a Smuggler towards then the Smuggler will speed up mid trip.

    This helped me to take the maximum advantage from the speed bonus(es)...
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  • Finally figured it out. I will offer the following hint to future confused players: use all of the resources that are given to you. They are there for a reason.
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  • Not sure why the General method wouldn't be considered logical. This is how I solved it first time. Went back and found the other way when I knew there was another way.
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