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Fri Oct 27, 2017 12:05 am

  • Hello!

    A couple of years ago, I was on another forum (disloyalty, I’m sorry) and I ran into a forum game with about 130 pages. It was called The Infinite War, and the basic concept was that there were 16 coloured factions that warred over a large amount of territory. Soon, all but two of these had been defeated - Red and Blue. The game was based around the players (as a group) picking one team and all joining it to fight against the other team. It was a great game to read. I just realised that, if it took off, a spin-off of that game over here would be even better. This forum, unlike the forum I found this on, has an amazing community of people who could all have fun playing this.

    How the game works:

    The players choose classes for themselves giving them various Health, Attack, Accuracy, Luck and Critical stats. The first one determines your maximum health and healing. All players can heal another player for a certain percentage of their health stat each turn. Unlike this, your attack stat determines base attack damage. This is the damage dealt by a simple attack such as ‘Attack this enemy’. However, more original attacks will do as much as 2000% your base stat in damage. Also, attacks that damage multiple enemies can also exist, but the total damage dealt will be the same as if you had attacked one enemy. Your accuracy stat determines how likely you are to miss an attack as a percentage. Note that any attack doing more than 250% your attack stat has an 100% chance to hit no matter what (so you don’t make the best attack ever and have me reply ‘Miss!’ and ignore your hard work) Luck determines how likely your attacks are to do critical damage as a percentage, meaning 15 Luck is equal to a 15% chance. The Critical stat will decide how much damage a Critical hit does to an enemy. This stat also works as a percentage.

    When an enemy is defeated, everyone who damaged it gets a certain amount of XP proportional to the damage they did. The first few levels (up to and including level 5) improve all of your stats by 10%, but after this you choose one stat to add 25% to. It’s worth noting that the Accuracy, Luck and Critical stats max out at 95, 33 and 500 respectively, and if you reach these thresholds the increase will be spread out over your other stats (You can’t upgrade a maxed stat but can upgrade an almost-maxed one to finish maxing it out beyond level 5)

    If you wanna play, just say you’re in and choose one of red or blue you want to play as in the poll above. If a few people (like at least four) vote then I’ll start (I’ll use random.org if there’s a draw) once the poll finishes on Wednesday 1st November. More people can join anytime. I don’t know if you guys will like this. But if you do, I think it would be a lot of fun. You guys can make anything fun.


    P.S. I still can’t play Subterfuge that much. I could play over the Christmas hols or something. Because wow do I miss it.
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