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Sun May 10, 2020 4:31 am

  • This is a place for those who are participating in Golden Goose campaigns can discuss mini games and giveaways.
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Mon May 11, 2020 4:42 pm

  • Okay everyone here is how it all works.

    The constitution of the Golden Goose

    The purpose of the Golden Goose is to provide a neutral player with the opportunity to give in a game primarily designed to take.

    The Golden Goose shall be a neutral player and must not be attacked for any reason by the other players participating in the game.

    The Golden Goose must refrain from attacking another player physically or by the means of sharing sensitive intelligence to other players.

    The Golden Goose should have multiple Smugglers which he can quickly transport gifted specialists to various locations on the game board.

    The Golden Goose must be willing to relinquish his or her Outpost as prizes for winning certain mini games.

    The Golden Goose must gift his specialists when they become available to the players participating in mini games. ( mini games can be up to the golden gooses discretion, riddles, questions or emoji copying are all acceptable mini games)

    The Golden Goose shall ask the winning player of the Mini-Game which specialist they want and then have said prize delivered to that player at the location they request.

    The Golden Goose can transport the winning prize with a Smuggler to the closest Golden Goose Outpost for quicker more convenient distribution.

    The Golden Goose Outpost cannot be traded to accommodate any player participating in the game.

    The Golden Goose shall not change the Constitution mid game. If amendments need to be made they must be made after the game has been finished and the Golden Goose is no longer active.

    Amendments may be made only if the core principles of giving is not altered.

    A giveaway requires at least one of each team to be present online in order for a giveaway to be produced.

    All players have the right to understand the rules fully before a mini game begins.

    All players must respect the role, responsibilities and the authority's the Golden Goose has when he or she is conducting mini game challenges.

    After the Golden Goose has requested everyone to confirm that they are "ready" to participate in a mini game players must first confirm by answering with an appropriate response.
    (example: Ready, yes, aye aye captain)

    Players well refrain from adding conversations in the chat window when a challenge is underway. This will prevent the question or group of emojis from scrolling out of sight.
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