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Tue Nov 03, 2015 11:03 pm

  • You know what, I'm bored being at my custom made mountain... Well, I don't know how to get out know cause I killed that dude in that cloud! Oh wait, duh I have a clonifier, I just need to adjust it a little bit to make it a box of imagination!

    There good now let's get back to the first mountain. But let's blow up this mountain first in a very safe part of the mountain. Then, we quickly get into that portal and go to the original one! BOOOOOOM
    Oh what's this? I didn't remember having him as our enemy? Ha, maybe he was raided! Let me check on my phone that this is the right world. Yes it is, so he was raided! Now we have to fight this guy now so, new plan The Clouds, Bob, we will have to actually hold on a minute... What are these subs doing here. Ok, Bob inspect those, I don't see anyone in them so...

    This is going Marmite now! First I'm poor then rich, then I'm raided then I get my own mountain, then rich! Ok, you guys can put the Neptunium down, i got my pocket sized backpack that carries a world size ton of well, stuff. Let's put em there ok? Now, in all types of defences, we will get a sentry gun, a hypnotist, allies which is you guys but let's make 1000's more just in case and finally a type of potion that let's you fly, be invincible and to go through walls and floors. Now let's get to the main base and work backwards ok guys? I CAN'T HERE YOU? GREAT DRINK THE POTIONS AND FLY IN A ORDERLY 20 LINE SQARE! Ok we're here. YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO GUYS! The enemy is here! Everyone, fire high tech plasma and bullet sentry guns at the opposing threat don't worry if you friendly fire, you are invincible for 10 minutes right? Ok there's two more things to do, get the hypnotist to make the wait, the enemies hypnotist? I bet that won't work but if he's trying to take over you, you know what? Avoid that idea! Just kill him in the lava. Good job, he can't defend himself Anyways. Now the King of this so called mountain. Yep, keep aim at him, yes keep on aiming at him he's looking at the floor, anddd hypnotised. Now panda is one of ours now! Let's do a CIA styled type of security to every one which my 100% bug free robots will help me. (Which has the same intelligence as me) Great, now, after a second of checking we're good! (The robots and new soldiers are the same quantity) now, with my box of imagination let's get this place back to where it was at the, uhh third place? Or second post at my diary? Yes, yes good now we will change the top, and walls to obsidian. Different puzzles (but obviously harder) and every single part of the mountain. (even underwater and on top of the sky) Now everything we raided is highly secured. We are the king of the mountain! BTW guys we've upgraded the robotic toilet oh yeah!

    Ok I'll stop guys.
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Wed Nov 04, 2015 7:35 pm

  • But my Hypnotist had one last trick up his sleeve!
    Since all of your bots are the same intelligence, my Hypnotist convinced each one of them that THEY are the rightful king of the mountain! Now all your 1000s of bots are fighting among themselves to claim their rightful title!
    And since all of them have high intensity plasma guns, the fight is over quickly; your once 1000 size force has decimated itself to two last bots grappling each other on the ground, claiming to be the rightful ruler of the mountain!
    However, dealing with micsup's Hypnotist would need more tact.
    I got my double agent to trade places with his Hypnotist as well, and convince micsup that he made new puzzles while in reality he is chained in the dungeon of the fortress! It was all a mind trick!
    Realizing that security has to be tightened, I hire a few sentries to guard from future invasions.
    Oh, and I send one of my assassins to the clouds. Where Bob is. Along with a martyr.
    Together, they eliminate Bob and the clonifier!
    Now micsup will have to rely on his wit and cunning to survive, rather than infinite resources and clones!
    It looks like I managed to regain the title as King of the Mountain!

    META: Please try to keep responses somewhat realistic (within the Subterfuge sense). Where are you getting all the obsidian from? The 1000s of bots? Magic potions? Also, no bot is ever 100% bug free.
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Fri Nov 13, 2015 7:58 am


    Well, I said at the beginning that you can be as creative and fictitious as you want it! This means that there are a infinite ton of ideas and possibilities you can make for this game. But, I can change the rule that it has to be Subterfuge related and realistic if there's a lot of people wanting that and playing this Forum Game.
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Wed Nov 18, 2015 5:06 pm

  • Side note: I like sticking to subterfuge things, makes for interesting ideas of how things can go but you should still be able to make *some* stuff up like invent a new specialist or something in your domination of the hill.

    Let's give this a try :)

    Hiding off in the shadows, R10t was slowing Turtling his way to victory. After all of Panda's resources were wasted taking out micup's Bob in the sky, he had forgotten to focus on his defenses! Two sentries? Piece of cake. Loading up my subs I laugh as panda is doomed to fall off the mountain from the volley of torpedoed that I armed my subs with. Successfully destroying the mountains, I split my subs up. I do have 150 drillers to combat the sentries, yes, but instead! I split them into 5 subs of 30 drillers! Only 10 hours out, the sentry is only able to get off 5 shots on my subs! (One on each) destroying only 10 drillers! I then send the remaining 140 in 7 subs of 20 at the second sentry so it only destroyies 5 drillers! I quickly finish off panda's defenseless mountain and ship my extra 100 drillers and my diplomat and my King to the mountain for Extra defence. Far off in the kingdom of R10t, having rightfully claimed the mountain as our own, specialists start their excursion towards the mountain in hopes of defending the honor of R10t's kingdom. I am the ruler of the mountain.
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