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  • Lol too much candy lyin around here!

    Great game JD. And the Scrubs pic sequence = genius.
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  • Thanks Brolaf,
    I'll try to make a Video if I get the time/courage (it makes me nervous for some reason) and explain my janitorial brain thoughts on the game!
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  • Don't be nervous man. I had started to record and my wife came into the room and said "Who are you talking too?!?".

    I says "I'm doing a recap of a game of Subterfuge! Now I have to start over!! Geez!".

    She says "Is that that silly little submarine game?" And just shakes her head.

    So don't be nervous.
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    Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds...
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  • I guess I should have made one myself if I had the opportunity to do so haha. It was pretty funny to watch it from the attacker's side though.

    And the big combat preview you are talking about, guys: It went like this. After I asked if Road was going to get a king, even when the answer was no, I still sent enough drillers which were able to win the war in the presence of a King. And just before the combat happened, I promoted my foreman to an Engineer, that is why there were 150 drillers at the end, 60-70 of them were actually repaired after the combat.
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  • Looks like it was a great game. Great videos.

    radio: your video was hilarious! :lol: too much candy. :P
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  • Thanks man!
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  • My recap is going to be a bit delayed becuase I have a busy weekend, but I'm sure to watch all of yours
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  • My recap is mostly
    step 1: make no allies
    step 2: fight a stalemate with Bangerz and while being nipped at by Nojo
    step 3: gift some drillers to Nojo and Bangerz to try and throw Radio and some others off their guard. Was hoping Nojo would attack Radio but didn't happen
    step 4: make double engineers with a navigator and appear to leave my queen undefended to get janitorial to launch specialist at me
    step 5: successfully bait janitorial helmsman but forget to turn the engineers around thinking I would wake up in time
    step 6: ask Niv for help with a pirate queen escape but he refuses since he doesn't want to anger janitorial
    step 7: consider gifting 200 drillers, nav and 2 engineers to Niv to help him but that probably is too one sided
    step 8: ask Janitorial to let me live but get denied
    step 9: a few last minute attacks and make sure all my specialist dies in the explosion
    step 10: haunt janitorial

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  • I really want to see the videos :( but I cant access youtube :( wont work either :( terrible country I live in , I know :(
    He was a fine player :D
    RIP rooz!

    (Im alive , just stopped playing !)
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  • Great recaps! How many posts do we have to have to get in on the game? I'd love to play in the next one, whenever that is.
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