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Game Idea - Ability Subterfuge

PostPosted: Sat Jun 17, 2017 12:06 pm
by high commander jay
Hey, I finally got my L2, so I guess I will give this a try.
This is going to be very far fetched and reliant on players following the rules, but bear with me.

The basic idea is that at the beginning every player can choose one special ability to use during the course of the game. Abilities can force other players to do specific actions, so the whole concept is build on the trust that no one is going to break the rules.

So here is a list of the available abilities (open to suggestions):

The user of this ability (TOUTA) may select any basic specialist (announced in public chat). No other player can hire this specialist, unless it is promoted instantly. Selected specialist may be changed at any time.

Cursed Blood
If a player eliminates the user of this ability (actively or passively) he must immidiately resign. This ability allows its user to utilize his queen as a weapon, but it comes with considerable danger.

The user of this ability may select any player (announced in public chat).This player can now only communicate through chats that include TOUTA. Selected player may be changed at any time.

Mind Control
The user of this ability can give a single order to every player (in private chat). Orders must be sceduled for 12h after they are given.
Orders may only consist of a single action and cannot affect the player's specialists or overwrite the effect of another ability.

Outpost Domination
At any point in the game, the user of this ability can name an outpost (in public chat). All players must clear this outpost (no drillers, specialists, shields) and may not launch at it, until TOUTA has captured it.

Whenever a player is eliminated or resigns, TOUTA gains a copy of that player's ability (additionally).

TOUTA can take away a players ability (2x use). This has to be announced in public chat an takes 18h to take effect.

The user of this ability is not effected to any other ability. This includes Purification and Necromancy.

I would appreciate feedback on the overall idea and any specifics.
I am also open to ability suggestions. The more creative the better.

edit: Point taken, mind control should probably not affect specs.
Thanks for pointing that out.

Re: Game Idea - Ability Subterfuge

PostPosted: Sat Jun 17, 2017 9:14 pm
by whos sayin
About half of these can guarantee the user a kill. The monopoly one can kill anyone by banning pirates and simply navimartyr them.
The mind control can simply be used to gift all the contents of any loaded outpost.

Every ability that really affects other's moves can be abused pretty hard while abilities like eavesdropping will not really affect the winner of a big battle.