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  • hi everyone,

    we now feel like the game is in a good enough place to start inviting more players into the private alpha. it's obviously far from finished and there's a lot of placeholder art and ugly programmer UI, but the gameplay is pretty solid at this point.

    if you're new to subterfuge, welcome! we hope you enjoy the game, and if you do, help us spread the word by inviting friends you think would also enjoy it. also, if you have questions or want to discuss the game, the forums (right here!) are a good place to do that.

    if you're a veteran, help us create a positive community by being helpful and welcoming towards the new players, even when you're at war with them :)

    over the next few weeks we will be adding more and more players who signed up for the alpha. we're going to try to grow the community slowly over time so that we can work out technical and design issues as they arise.

    thanks everyone, see you in the depths of subterfuge!
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