Build 216 - Lots of changes!

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Tue Sep 23, 2014 7:37 am

  • We just released build 216. Apart from bug fixes and UI improvements for everybody, it introduces lots of new changes for games starting now (it doesn't affect games in progress):
    • When a gift sub arrives at a neutral outpost, it becomes non-gift
    • Specialists of eliminated players leave the game after 24 hours
    • Starting a game before all players join re-creates the world with the right map size
    • Lots of specialists tweaks:
      • Diplomat releases all of owner's specialists at outposts (except for himself). Last outpost visited by Diplomat is visible to everyone.
      • Hypnotist also applies ability when hired and when sub with captives arrives
      • DoubleAgent ignores gift subs (to avoid twitchiness of gifting incoming subs)
      • Any Queens beyond the first one become Princesses as soon as their ownership changes
      • Smuggler travels at 3x towards destinations owned by you (it doesn't automatically lose combat anymore)
      • Navigator slows down sub by 25%
      • Navigator resets its source outpost to prevent incorrect collisions with other subs
      • Thief correctly steals from current driller count when it's his turn, not initial driller count
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