Build 227 - New worlds and lots more

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Mon Oct 13, 2014 7:56 pm

  • We just released build 227:
    • Improved world creation (more varied and interesting)
    • 50 instead of 30 drillers per outpost starting out (150 total)
    • Games have an 8-hour delay before starting after last player joins
    • "On arrival" specialists abilities applied simultaneously after all specialists are transferred.
    • When subs are turned to nearest outpost, they correctly reset their source to avoid incorrect collisions.
    • Prisoners aren't gifted with the sub anymore
    • And specialist changes:
      • Double Agent splits drillers between the two subs involved.
      • Double Agent correctly changes Queens into Princesses if you have multiples
      • Double Agent resets gift countdown on both subs after the swap
      • Dictator doubles shields of location where he's at (and does not disable those)
      • Inspection Agent doesn't have a local bonus to shields
      • Fixed reduction in production numbers for the Minister of Energy

    As usual, these changes are only available in games started with this build (227) or higher.

    Let us know what you think of these changes through any of the usual means (reply here, through the "email us" button in game, or whatever).


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