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  • hey everyone,

    we just pushed out a new build with one main new feature. you might guess what it is from the title of this post :)

    here's how it works:
    * tap the camera button in the upper right of the map to start recording (only available on iOS 9 and up)
    * pretend like you're walking a friend through a story as they're looking over your shoulder. the game will capture whatever you show on the screen as well as record your voice
    * tap the stop button in the upper right when you're done
    * the iOS sharing tab will come up to allow you to directly upload to facebook/youtube/etc, BUT FOR NOW JUST SAVE THE VIDEO LOCALLY TO YOUR DEVICE. there's a bug in apple's code that strips away the audio commentary if you try to post to youtube directly.
    * to share the video, find it on your device, tap the "share" button and select where you want to share it.

    NOTE: if you're uplaoding to YouTube, make sure you select the HD option or your video will look fuzzy.

    hope you all like this new feature! we'd love to hear what you think of it, and let us know about cool videos you post so that we can tweet about them. it'll help us show people the really cool aspects of this game that are hard to show otherwise.

    ps: here's a blog post we wrote about it, that includes a video i made about my most recent game: ... ary-videos
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