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Tue Jul 29, 2014 3:51 pm

  • this one has some pretty big changes (listed below). the main thing we were trying to address here was the balance between the aggressive military approach and a more peaceful / diplomatic approach.

    in the previous build, going full on military was the only way to win, so the change here are meant to slightly gimp positive feedback for aggression, while rewarding peace a bit more.

    there's also a bunch of new art in the game and we've started replacing some of the ugly temporary UI with the real deal.

    * Mine cost reverted to 40/80/120/etc progression
    * When drilling a mine, outpost retains its properties (e.g. a factory still produces drillers)
    * In sub-to-sub combat, captured specialists go aboard the winning sub
    * Hypnotist applies its ability on arrival as well
    * Providing support requires a lead of 20 Kilos of Neptunium
    * Got rid of base electrical output of 150
    * Support adds 2 drillers per production instead of 3
    * Support no longer gives a bonus to electrical output

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