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Fri Aug 08, 2014 2:55 pm

  • we didn't like the changes we made last time to try to favor the peaceful / diplomatic approach a bit more. we reverted most of them, and instead made mining cost increase geometrically.

    we also want to encourage folks to use the forums for feedback and discussion, so please feel free to post pretty much anything you want.

    here's a full list of changes since the previous release:

    * Drilling converts the outpost to a mine (instead of just adding a mine to the factory/generator)
    * Generators are back to +50 electrical output instead of +100
    * Queen adds 150 electrical output regardless of her location
    * Mine cost increases geometrically now (40/80/160/320/etc.)
    * Support bonus of +50 electrical output added back in.
    * added In-game announcements (that's probably how you got to this post! among other things, we added this in order to expose more people to the forums)

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