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Specialist Idea "Spy"

PostPosted: Tue Nov 10, 2015 7:59 pm
by pandasecret
The Spy has a range 50% of normal outpost. Any friendly specialist within that range (even when spy is on a sub) has their icon disguised as a question mark. Clicking on a question mark will show the following message: A Spy has disguised this specialist, so you do not know who this is!" The Event log will announce "Taken a royal action" instead of a hire or promotion when the Queen is within the Spy's radius.
If an enemy also has a spy (or should it be Intelligence Officer?), their spy can reveal your disguised specialists, and vice versa.

Possible buff: Travels 2x speed when traveling to any(friendly and enemy) Queen, King, or Princess.
*Reasoning: spies are good at accessing high profile targets, and the victim often doesn't know what is coming!

Flavor text: A little cloak and dagger never killed anybody.

Feedback please!