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Sat Jan 23, 2016 9:35 pm

  • I love the in game recording feature, but it currently has a few flaws. First off, sometimes when I click something, sometimes it jumps out of the time I currently have it set to, which just looks messy. You can see this happen in the forum regulars recap I just uploaded.

    The second problem is more serious. Why are the movies exported as m4v files, as opposed to mov or mp4 files. m4v is developed by apple, which I assume means it only works on iOS devices. m4v files use DRM copy protection. Which means that when I try to upload a video I made to YouTube, it sees the audio as protected and REMOVES THE VOICEOVER!!! You can see why this is problematic, right? I thought that this was just an error that occurred for me, but apparently others have been having the same problem and using poorly McGyvered solutions to fix it. What makes things even more confusing is that when you export an entire game as a video, it is in mp4 format. A perfectly reasonable file for uploading videos. I have no idea why it is setup to export game videos as mp4 files and recaps as m4v files, but it is really annoying to work around. As a personal plea to the devs, if you are reading this, please make uploading game recaps simpler! I don't need my own voice to be DRM protected.
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