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Wed May 04, 2016 10:25 pm

  • Lol Today was the first time I went to page 33 (currently the last page) of the forums. I'm surprised at how different things were back then. Different names, different mechanics. Just go there and see for yourself.
    Here's something I found interesting:
    Noel wrote:Specialists are the bread and butter of the game. Yes, there are quite a few and there will be more (we're thinking people can buy expansions with a set of them).

    ron wrote:btw, the strategy you used at the end is what we've come to call the mega-ship. one huge sub with lots of specialists. it's a very dangerous strategy for the person using it. too many eggs in one basket. makes sense the way you used it, as a last ditch effort at the end, but the prognosis for it in most cases is not that great.

    I have a feeling ron was a pretty good player lol
    ron wrote:taking over another player's city also makes a huge difference because cities are like 3 generators and 3 factories rolled into one.

    forged wrote:When a sub passes through a base and moves on to its next waypoint, it picks up all drillers. Is that optional? I know I can lock the specialists to not be picked up. What about drillers?

    brin caspian wrote:Maybe send the Drillers to a City where they can be repurposed over a normal production cycle (8h isn't it) and turned into Builders. Then the builders (who have no combat power) can convert a factory into a Generator, or a destroyed outpost into a Factory. Make it progressive, Generators can only be built from a Factory. Require a significant number of them. Drillers need to sit at a City for 8 hours after repurposing is selected before they become Builders.

    and look what ron said:
    ron wrote:yeah, that's terrible UI, and it'll be completely replaced soon. with the new UI the comm panel won't take up 100% of the screen, so you'll still be able to see the map.

    more than that, tapping an outpost will add its name to the message you are currently typing, so you'll never need to type outpost names ever again :D
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