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  • I know I recently made a post about how subterfuge becoming popular could potentially ruin subterfuge (viewtopic.php?f=5&t=2455), but now that Ron is back, some popularity could definitely help with getting that update out.
    When Ron and/or Noel added the recording feature to subterfuge, they wanted to make it so subterfuge can be shared with more detail so that the viewer can understand what the game is really about. After watching some peoples games through this method, I feel like it doesn't show too much of the diplomacy aspect of the game. with the chat and all. i think what would really get this game popular is if the viewers went through the game with the player like in lets plays. You should add a live stream feature where you can stream subterfuge in a week long live-stream. Any other way would include cutting out all the times where nothing happens thus removing the time aspect. So here's my scenario: I am a youtuber and I am gonna play subterfuge. I start a live-stream at a time that I announced days prior to the event. All my fans are gonna come online in the beginning to watch me briefly explain the game and to say that this live-stream is gonna last over a week so they can open it any time to see whats happening that very moment. Meanwhile when i'm not checking the game, I can go about my regular update schedule and make videos like usual all while the stream is going on. The live stream feature should make it so when I am not on my iPad playing subterfuge, the stream goes on, streaming the entire map centered at my name tag on one side and showing a few chats on the other side (public chat and recent conversations). When I do open up the game, it shows whatever is on my screen like a typical live-stream.
    After adding this feature, you just pay 1 or 2 fairly big youtubers to play it.
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