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Thu Jul 13, 2017 10:37 pm

  • To be honest I liked the idea in the beginning because it can give an idea of the value.

    But then I realized that I offer to my enemy to pay for his infiltrator and saw it could be 40 drillers. But when you know that in my actual game I have 2 security chief it should cost more for this game.

    So good for an idea but doesn't need to be followed exactly.
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Tue Aug 15, 2017 2:49 am

  • I sold one factory at the very beginning for 19 drillers even if the value is higher. I knew it will bring me temporary stand by aggression from buyer. Indeed after he backstabed me but anyways the peace lasted almost 3 days. So good sale :)

    In subterfuge there is no fixed prices for any trade. You just adjust it depending on situation.
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