Had a thought about a new "prediction" system for subterfuge

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  • So just 5 minutes ago i was pretty stoned and thinking about subterfuge (idc if your cool with that or not but im being honest with the idea(more of a sales pitch then an idea, now that i read it))

    So i was just thinking about a "prediction" system for subterfuge. The idea was basically a new ability added to lvl 2 where the game allowed you to interact with the games time travel feature and you could predict what the movements of other players. While using the time travel feature uou could "predict" the movments of other players and see the outcome. You could control enemy based on information you've heard from oher players, interact your own sybs with subs from predictions, predict a whole battle.

    I know plenty if times i wnated this, like whwn i wnted to know if an enemy would have the mn power to beat me if they promoted to a king in the next hire.

    It could help player strategize and calculate outcomes based on your own insight or info other players give you.
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  • Let this be a lesson kids: say no to drugs. :D
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