Bunghulio and Hurricane ambushed me by forced starting game

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  • Public service announcement. I just resigned a game that Bunghulio and Hurricane started at only 3 players (us 3) with the purpose of taking points from me.

    I’ve always known forced start could be used for this but never saw it happen. I joined game expecting it would fill and be a real subs game. Instead they used it as a trap.

    Hurricane was mad at me for a game a year ago where he finished lower than he wanted and blamed me. So I guess this was revenge.

    I think this behavior should be condemned. Hope not to see it in future.
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  • It was supposed to be an 8 player game. I don't even know what happened but it got started early. I was reluctant to play it but thought what the hell. It was def not an ambush though.
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