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Timed Arrival and Custom Notifications

PostPosted: Thu Aug 27, 2015 9:49 am
by umpusten
when I want to time an attack from more then one outpost or together with allies or to hit right befor/after someone else, it can be quiet annoying to get it right.
What would you guys think of an arrival timer? for example: I choose the point in futur that i want my drillers to hit, press (reverse or something) and set my attack. Time will wind backwards to the time I have to start my troops to arrive at the desired time...? any other solution would be fine too :D

I also think custom notifications could be helpfull. If I am waiting for someone to make a specific move or for an event that happens in the fog i could set the "alarm" for this event and add a text to it that will be displayed to me via push if it occures. (when folloing subs that vanish into the fog a "shadow" sub could also help...since i know the arrival time anyways it would only remind me of when the sub should be arriving)

These changes would not effect the game and are only for my convenience :p

PS: is there a list of things you still plan to implement in near and or not so near future?