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Sat Oct 17, 2015 10:12 am

  • Hi :D First i want to tell you about my english. I dont from England but i lear it :D
    So lets start :D


    I was tough (think) about this game and I to invent new specialist: Saper.
    Sapper (men who plant mines) will plant mines which destroy army.
    Sapper will can plant 5 mines per day.
    1 mine destroy one sub.
    Sapper can go out town and plant mines in area, then come back to town.
    Mines is invisible for rest players.


    Researcher can produce upgrade subs
    He produce 1 upgrade sub per 6 hour
    1 upgrade sub = 3 normal subs

    3(2) GAME LIMIT FOR L1

    Ok. Play one game in time can be bored, becouse in one game no too much going on. I know it with my experience (I was played in similiar game on PC). I know you wan to have profit from this game, but increase amaunt of games which can you play in this same time obout 2 (or 3 :D).
    It isnt decreasy profits from this game ans it will stop playera for longer

    Ok. You dont understend my text? :D
    I so sorry. I learn english :D
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