Timewheel - Future orders get rejected

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  • I find the game pretty stable and I think that we don't need to tweak anything much anymore and focus on major bugs as the Devs wish to move to other ventures.

    I found out that there is a delicate bug with the Timewheel.

    As you know, the beautiful instrument that is the Timewheel helps you schedule future orders based on your current knowledge. I noticed that scheduled orders get a flashing red warning if another player has scheduled a future order that would compromise them.

    Let me try to explain it with an example:

    1) You schedule to send 100 drillers to take an outpost defended by 30 drillers and 10 shields > combat preview shows that you will have 60 left
    2) You schedule a second order to send those 60 remaining to another outpost

    Order #2 is normally accepted.

    But lets say that your enemy has scheduled to promote his Hypno to a King, 10 minutes before the arrival of your troops.
    In that case, order #2 starts to blink red, even though the promotion has not yet taken place and its just a probabiliity.
    So, you are warned beforehand that there is something problematic going on - which spoils (a little bit) the game.
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  • I too, have noticed that this happens I had an enemy with a navigator going to one of my outposts but when I routes some subs to a nearby outpost it turned red. Based on this knowledge, I knew his navigator was set to change course before it arrived and I was able to defend my other outpost in time.

    I've also found that this happens when you schedule any specialists who give speed boosts. I know they will still launch but it's annoying that they pop up red for no reason.
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  • Another thing is when some guy reach capacity limit and then the red flash goes off amd you know he would do something though you cant see anything .
    (Its a major problem in games with few players)
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    +1 lol I just realised as well
    I'm pretty sure the Devs just need to exclude other players' future orders from the player perspective known information which the future orders are based off lol
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