Admiral bug - Too many drillers killed

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  • The admiral description states that globally they kill 10 enemy drillers where you have a specialist after the specialist phase. In my game, an assassin was present and 35 drillers defending, 33 drillers attacking and the admiral killed 30 drillers. Why?
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  • I assume you mean the general, not the admiral.

    Global effect: +50% speed to subs not carrying a specialist
    Local effect: 200% speed
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    Global effect: -10 enemy drillers when one or more specialists are in combat
    Local effect: 150% speed
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    If in fact you do mean the general, the most likely answer is that the player attacking did not have JUST ONE general, but instead had THREE. The global effect of the general stacks, so for every general that player controls, a specialist will kill 10 drillers.
    1 - 10
    2 - 20
    3 - 30

    Hope this helps.
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