Opponent Tinkerer/MoE don't work unless you can see them.

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  • Hey, I've noticed this a few times, and it's happening in the game I'm currently in.

    One of the players has a driller cap or 700+ or something like that (he's got a bunch of outposts and 2 tinkerers at home with his queen and 3 kings, I saw them a couple of days ago).

    He only has 400+ drillers, but the time machine has all his production stopping after a single 10 minute tick. His production is 100 or so a day.

    It seems to be happening to most of the players in the game, and I notice that most of them have tinkerers or ministers of energy. However one of those players, I can see his queen, and there's a minister of energy and a tinkerer present. When I advance the time machine, that player does NOT hit their driller cap; that is, it behaves correctly.

    It's my suspicion that unless you can actually see the specialist that affects an opponents driller cap, it doesn't count them in the time machine.

    It makes planning attacks a real pain. During the time it takes an attack to get there, drillers will be produced, but the combat simulator doesn't show them so says one thing, then another happens. When we're talking players with kings and whatnot, the combat differences are large.
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