Units teleported to outpost after facing saboteur

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  • Hi, I am playing through my first game, I am at war witha nother player. We've been fighting over an outpost since the start, it's day 2 now. He used the first time I sent a force a saboteur that intersepted and redirected my sub back costing me time of going and comming back, I made precousions this time as I hired an admiral that would redirect the sub back to the original course. I come back home I find my units back to my outpost? With the admiral and a sub of 0 drillers and the saboteur held captive heading towards me. I was very comfused ar first asked around and it seems to be a bug. This very frustrating as I had to take thunderbird that moment when 1) the balance of power was in my favor. 2) He can hire a mirtyr next time wich would be big problems that I could of avoided because by the time he does so I will so close that she would blow his queen too (his queen is in thunderbird) so he would have to retreat back then my friend from the east would intercept with his pirate capturing her and defeating this guy. But Noooo!!! This bug f**ked everything....h
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    unrelated thread, but we encountered the same bug, as well as a way to avoid it in the future.

    sorry you had to run into it!
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  • I had this exact same problem recently (with Niverio or Nojo, I can't remember which)

    What we found was that if the saboteur is sent 10 minutes before the sub arrives, it will sometimes start that glitch. Not sure if that's what triggered yours, but when it happened to me that's what we think went wrong
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  • mathwhiz9 wrote:I had this exact same problem recently (with Niverio or Nojo, I can't remember which)

    That would be Niverio.
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  • First off, I'd like to welcome you to subterfuge! This is one of my favorite games and I love it when knew people try it out.

    Also, I have encountered the same bug in a previous game, too. As mentioned above, it is sometimes activated if a saboteur is launched at an opposing sub when it is within 10 minutes of landing at a base.

    Sorry that it messed you up so badly. Usually I find that it is worse for the person sending the saboteur because normally you would have to wait for your sub to return all the way back to the base then send it back at, but since the specialist and all of your drillers were teleported immediately to your base you can send it out right away.
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