Saboteur combat priority vs assassin.

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  • Saboteur has combat priority 3. Assassin has combat priority 6. A pirate/assassin attacked my Queen/saboteur and my saboteur neglected to turn the sub away and save anyone.
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  • When a saboteur is alone on a sub, it will redirect an incoming sub back to the owners nearest outpost. However, in the process, it will get captured by the opposing player. If a pirate were to attack a saboteur, it would do nothing for you. The saboteur would send back the pirate, who would already go back after battle, back to his outpost. In the process, I believe (someone should agree/disagree to make sure) that all other specs on board with the saboteur would get captured as well.
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  • I don't remember the last time I used a sabo so I can't help you here.
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