Can't purchase l2

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Sun Sep 18, 2016 2:49 pm

  • It keeps trying to load up the purchase button but nothing happens
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Sun Sep 18, 2016 3:15 pm

  • This is a most likely a problem with...
    A) Your wifi. Try resetting your phone and wifi network and try again.
    B) Your phones "App Store" the IOS AppStore, and androids google play work fine for everyone else, are you on a different type of phone.

    Keep us updated on the situation so we can help.

    Godspeed on your travels.
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Sun Sep 18, 2016 3:30 pm

  • Also, make sure you don't have IAPs restricted on your phone
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Wed Oct 05, 2016 10:30 pm

  • Also, you don't have to directly click on the IAP in the app itself. You can manually travel to the google play store or the App Store select "in app purchases" and purchase it directly from the store
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