time machine is unreliable

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Thu Oct 06, 2016 8:46 pm

  • just now i had a defense that was flawless in my time machine. The enemy was promoting an engineer, but I was set to win comfortably with over 20 drillers (i had an engineer, and enemy had 1 king).
    30 minutes later, the time machine prediction suddenly changes to me losing by outpost by a single driller, and the engineer repairing enough drillers to fend off all my other backup. I tried to move my specialists away, but that sub never launched!

    there was no extra king, just this crappy UI losing me the game, and everyone being smug and snarky in chat.

    3v1 is shit
    4v1 is shit
    rude people are shit
    i hate this game now
    vala vice
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Thu Oct 06, 2016 8:51 pm

  • the fun part is beating 4v1 or 3v1 or or losing but taking out one of the 3v1 and seeing them get all pissy though it takes a bit of time commitment to plan stuff but yeah getting ganged up on is no fun. Time machine sometimes do bunker things but things can be changed due to last minute promotions, things you can't see, or funding which can result in more driller than actually what your time machine sees. If your time machine says he is supply capped but later on he gets funding, promotion or gifted a hire then things can be unreliable so part of sending stuff is the risk and another part is also anticipating what can cause your attack to fail.
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