Hoping over enemy subs works again

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Mon Apr 24, 2017 5:25 pm

  • I have noticed in time machine that subs within the last 10 minutes won't launch and gets cancelled but subs within the 3-2 ticks hop over the enemy sub in time machine. I tested it out in a game today just to verify it wasn't a time machine glitch and indeed subs hop over the enemy sub if launched so if you want subs to collide it has to be done >4 ticks. If you want subs to hop over be between 2-3 ticks.
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  • I saw that recently too I think. Sabo missed a sub that had an admiral boost
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  • Yeah mine was with a sab too but I have been noticing it with anything and it doesn't matter if admiral exist or not if I remember correctly.
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  • I can confirm this as well. I launched a sub away from my outpost right as an enemy took it over, my enemy launched his sub in the same direction as mine one tick after mine launched as was able to capture my sub on the next game tick even though I launched first.
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  • Yes I do confirm this is a high profile bug,and you can reproduce it easily.
    Just discovered it during 3v3 forum game.
    It is so absurd , I would prefer 10 times to go back earlier version of game.

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  • I don't understand. Can someone explain this to me? Are you just talking about a bug in the time machine projected future, or in actual gameplay?
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  • Actual game play. Time machine shows it skipping and I tested and it does skip over without battle occurring.
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  • Can confirm: I used it. Three cheers for launch glitch!

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  • This is actually pretty serious, guys.
    This can be abused in every fight, and can thus totally ruin a game. Needs a fix, and until then the less people know about it the better.

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  • Yeah. I'd say it's a serious glitch and easily exploited. This allows someone to completely bypass a combat at any given time they choose. Totally alters the game outcome. This needs to be addressed immediately.
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