Game keeps crashing when i join one of my games

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  • So every time i join one of my matches it crashes. This started last night while i was schedualing orders. About the game, i had a lot going on, 4 admirals, 3 tycoons. I was invading 2 players at the time and was geting alot of resorces at the time.

    I was scheduling alot of orders when it crashed and before it was getting laggy. I assume once the scedual clears up it would go back to normal but ive already caught up to half of them by now and its still crashing, what should i do? Keep waiting?
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  • I have been experiencing the same problem, except I had only 2 or 3 orders scheduled when it crashed.
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  • Hey, gimmesomeganja.

    I'm going to assumes this was an unintentional side effect of Ron's server side update regarding email verification. Make sure your email is verified. If it is, send him an email, including the game name, at:
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