Current game says it has ended despite being active

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  • I am currently in a game ( I'm l1) and I looked at my map. It said that the game had already ended and it randomly awarded the medals. It definitely thinks the game is over as I set up another game and I am in two simultaneously
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  • I just had the same happen to me and it automatically took points out of people I was third with a positive rating outcome ended up 5th with negative 31 that already been deducted
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  • This happened to me on a ranked 10 person game that was near completion. I got lucky and got placed in 3rd even though I was the lowest player alive on 2 outposts in 5th place. I asked nojo about the glitch and he said that even though we can still play it it will disappear in 48 hours so I did the responsible thing and told the remaining players to work together and give outposts to the top guy so we might have a chance and the game night possibly redistribute points.
    The 5 of us left managed to comply and ended the game and to our luck the game did fix its mistake and redistribute points and undo the autoresign and all. I ended up losing a few points instead of winning 30ish.
    Moral of the story: work together and fix things even if it costs you.
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  • I had the same situation few days ago. But with twist. For some reasons, my allie lost the ability to move. I was still able to move, but not hire specialists, only promote. As i know, the game is still continues, and that one dude, who had less than 9 outpost became a leader with 35 outposts.
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  • Similar situation on current ranked game. When the bug started, everybody lost the ability to hire specs, but not to promote. Everyone but the leader and an eliminated was considered autoresigned but still able to move when entering the game through "past game" category.
    The game isn't finished yet so it might change at the end, but for the moment, the ranking remains the order which was when the bug started.
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