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Fri Nov 17, 2017 5:41 am

  • I emailed the game makers no response had a game that is still going but lasted 60 days I was in 2nd until I resigned this morning. I couldn’t get in the game for the last two weeks the game wild crash because apparently a long known bug of too many specialists locked us all out.

    So rather than winning at 2nd place I took a loss and resigned.

    I’m disappointed the developers don’t reply to email and have not fixed this bug. I understand this game cost a lot to make and they haven’t recouped I’m a developer too.

    But they also are missing out on many monetization options to recoup and fund bug fixes. I’d love to pay to change my name! I’d love ingame avatars or customizations that don’t change gameplay that I could pay for and I’d certainly pay for small game advantages for cash occasionally like a temporary energy or driller boost.

    Heck add a donate button in your game clients!!!! But seriously please fix it his bug it ruined a really good match for me and I now lose points instead of gaining them.
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