Unsent chat message hangs around in fun places

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  • I occasionally have an issue where an unsent chat message will perpetually not send and hang around at the bottom of all chat screens + the new chat screen. And it also updates to take the appearance of the most recent message I've sent, too (ie, it isn't the actual message that didn't send).

    Here is the unsent message appearing on the "new chat" screen.


    It also appears at the bottom of every single chat screen.

    Here is the message changing into the newest message:


    (poor guy got eliminated first :( )

    Eventually the message times out and shows the "re-send" button. This usually takes a long time. Almost 2 hours, based on those screenshots. When that happens, the game crashes, and the message will disappear.
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  • hey, sorry for the late reply! this should be fixed with the new comm panel
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