SwiftKey keyboard in iOS breaks chat window layout

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  • I've had to switch off the SwiftKey keyboard on my iPhone 5S because it breaks the layout of the chat window.

    It pushes the top of the chat menu above the top of the screen, only way to reset is to close the app and relaunch.

    Had no problems with SwiftKey on Android.
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  • I can confirm that on an Android tablet, swiftkey works fine.
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  • Confirmed on iPhone 6 too, same problem.

    Although I guess this isn't really for the Subterfuge devs to fix as we are using a 3rd party keyb.
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  • I use Swiftkey but I have also tried the stock Samsung k/b and both leave me typing blind as after a couple of lines the text input box drops below the top of the keyboard.

    The input window also does not auto expand to show all the text you are typing so scrolling up and down to check for typo etc is difficult. This is the biggest issue for me right now as it def dis-encourages me from interacting with other players as chatting is painful.

    I am using a Samsung Galaxy S4 with Android 4.2.2, the latest Beta version of Subterfuge and Swiftkey Beta (but also tested with Samsung stock and Swiftkey stock k/b)
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  • Not sure if this has been addressed. I am new to Subterfuge, but the keyboard is buggy using swiftkey on my Android Samsung Note 4. Like gdog stated

    The input window also does not auto expand to show all the text you are typing

    Whenever I click back into the text to fix a typo it will make the entire chat box jump up the height bottom menu buttons and show them momentarily then it will bounce downward and settle. This is especially problematic if I have 2 or more lines of text and I am trying to find a typo and I missclick and my keyboard bounces up and down and then I have a hard time clicking where I need to in the chat window.
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