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Time Machine Base Sonar Bug.

PostPosted: Mon Nov 02, 2015 1:22 pm
by yottawatts
Hey Guys! Super trippy bug today. (EDIT BELOW)

So I was using the time machine to cycle through my attacks.

Bug: I have an intelligence officer. When you take a base in the time machine with one it shows the new sonar radius.

Well I was cycling through the attack a couple all of a sudden and bam,

I was able to see with the increased sonar range in the future that my opponent had:

9 drillers at a generator, and 88 drillers plus a Foreman at a factory.

I in no way had vision of these bases in the past or present.

I was able to recreate this three times, and after exiting and restarting unable to recreate.

Will re-post if it happens again, or if you want an exact rundown (devs,mods) of how it happened.

EDIT: I noticed this happened really close to arrival time (within 15 minutes) so i might have just been some weird timing error with the server and my phone.