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Mon Jun 18, 2018 2:43 am

  • Hello, I've played a few games now but this is the first time I can take the risk losing and try something out. So I really hope anyone can help me or if you already have played this situation before.

    A enemy is now targeting my mine with an assasin, a navigator and a pirate. He's not going for my mine, but for my queen next to it. Also he doesnt know I also have a princes. Well he could know, but he cant see where see is. Anyway.... Is it possible to target his pirate with my pirate ?( yes offcourse is is). But when he changes his course wil my pirate still be following his pirate?

    Please help me in the next 30h. From that point combat will go down. in the attachment you can see the situation im in.

    And let's hope he's not reading this :)
    I'm purple btw
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  • Keeps chasing and its usually risky to pirate a pirate navigator in that he can redirect and your pirate bugs out or he can kidnap your pirate. There is a subterfuge discord that you may want to join to get faster questions and answers and most forum people moved there. https://discord.gg/FDJr8R
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