Winning the game (second puzzle) mining rate

Any questions, tips, or cool solutions to the tactical puzzels

  • I understand what you are saying, however I did get the promotion before planning the attack. I would promote, fast forward 10 minutes to let the promotion set in.

    After that, I would plan an attack and the game said it would fail. A second time it would say it would succeed.

    Maybe it was just me, but it could be something for the developers to double check in case it isn't me.

    Either way, I appreciate your's and everyone's help and guidance in solving this puzzle :)
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  • That's what I'm saying, don't fast forward, just finalize it and attack at 0:00. 10 minutes makes the difference in the production. That's part of the puzzle.
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  • Just some further information regarding the time you waited for the promotion to finalize. When you launch an attack it takes 10 minutes to launch so if you promote and launch at the same time then the promotion will finalize at the same time you launch. So you never need to delay.
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  • I see what you all are saying now. You are right. I removed my bug report since there is no bug.

    Being a new players there are still a lot of nuances that I am getting use to.
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  • Hello Guys,

    Thank you so much for the answers.
    The Guys that answer were right.
    There is no a bug nor there a need to give instructions in the future.
    You can solve it right there in the very beginning as it was said.

    I did it when you told me that was possible

    It was killing me but thank you for the answer.


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