Kobayashi Maru - A Test Of Character

Any questions, tips, or cool solutions to the tactical puzzels

  • Oh how I hate that Revered Elder. Can't beat this one because of her :/

    EDIT: Holy cow. I just realized my mistake as soon as I posted! haha

    Finished it withn Queen alive AND Donatu under control. \o/\o/
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  • I've been fighting with this puzzle for a few days now. I've figured out (in no small part thanks to some hints here) how to survive all but the last sub (the one with the revered elder). Is there another hint someone can give, either here or in a pm?
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  • Another fun tip I just realized:

    At 0.0h, you make two hires. The first, you will use yourself.
    But then, also at 0.0h, you gift the second hired specialist along with your 15 drillers to your enemy.
    :shock: :shock: :shock:

    This will help you clear your outposts and leave you with the only things you need for this solution.
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  • I still cant beat this! ugh its driving me crazy haha. I have looked at alot of different strategys but in the end the sub with 36 makes it to the generator and I lose.
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  • Hiya guys,

    Just completed the training overnight, and the last 2 hours were on getting the Kobayashi Maru (didn't see the name until I completed it - nice!).

    Anyway, so I was able to destroy all 4 subs, save the queen, and end up owning a blown up generator.
    Is it possible to save the generator at all, because no matter the combination of hires or upgrades, I've only found one solution to save the Queen, but the main problem is the opponent sub with the elder in gets too close before I can send the martyr on its way.
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  • I think that's the reason it's called what it is - your ability/mindset to be able to sacrifice your generator to save your Queen is a "tough" one to make/find. :)
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  • Nice thanks!

    @old486whizz I was able to complete it without losing my queen, any drillers and with the Donatu generator intact.
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  • @crowebot How did you manage that? I can beat the challenge with the drillers and queen intact, but there seems to be no way of winning without destroying the generator. Given the name of the puzzle, I would surmise that that is the point.
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  • 1. At 0 hours who can you hire that would get rid of the elder?

    2. You see the radius of explosion with the sub thats carrying the martyr. If you can defeat both subs at once your in good shape.

    3.If you send your queen to the generator after finalizing both hires (2) who can you hire to destroy the sub of 36?

    Hopefully thats not giving to much away. Youll still neeed to think about it. Its difficult.
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  • This one is easy, tricky but easy i had a problem, the elder like in the previous one but then i noticed that friendly martyr can kill u.
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