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Any questions, tips, or cool solutions to the tactical puzzels

  • Stuck in this puzzle 2 days try to solve. Need help
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  • sdk-24 wrote:Stuck in this puzzle 2 days try to solve. Need help

    Did you read all the hints in this thread? I don't know which additional hint I could give you without actually telling you the solution.
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  • Finally worked this one out, using the, apparently, less logical approach
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  • Um...why does it say days for me? And instead of decreasing it increases...I AM NOT UNINSTALLING! I HAVE COME TO FAR D:
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  • diegomclima wrote:I was doing everything right, but there is one piece of knowledge that is very important and I didn't know:

    - If any pre-requisite of a specialist is met during the travel, it still works. I was departing only when the condition was met.

    epicface, This thread contains every hint you need to get past the challenge, and I just posted the most important one for you, hope you get it this time!
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