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Loyals Lounge 50-player tournament

PostPosted: Tue Nov 06, 2018 12:44 am
by pumpkinsmashme
Hey guys. Most of u who r on the discord know about the tournament, but some people don’t have it so here’s what’s up. Also, respect if ur still using the forums woah.

Loyals Lounge is hosting a big tournament. We have 28 names so far, and there are 50 spots, so please comment below if u’d like to join it (And haven’t already told me).

It’s casual, so L1s are welcome. It’ll work with 5 10-player games as round one. Top 4 of each game will make up the 2 10-player games of round 2, and then the top 5 of each battle it out in the final round.

Thanks all, sincerely, Pumpkin.